Most Common Questions

My pricing depends on the service type and urgency of your requirements. Please visit the “Contact” page to discuss the specifications of your project with me. Rest assure that the prices I offer are highly competitive.
1. I will inquire about your project’s specification, such as purpose, subject-matter, format, references, deadline, etc. This is to ensure that I am the right person for your project, and I have the competence & availability to deliver products of highest quality.

2. Once the specifications are received, I will start with background information and terminology studies, in the meantime getting a grasp on your preferred style, target audience and purposes.

3. As I am drafting the translation, I might reach out to you multiple times, or send you a Q&A sheet to clarify any question or ambiguity in text. I keep a open and prompt communication with my clients, which I believe is the best way to ensure quality.

4. After the first careful draft of translation, one time of scrupulous editing will be conducted, after which I will proofread the final draft multiple times.

5. I deliver the final product on time and on budget.
Typically, a translator has an average daily output of 2,000 words. But the exact timescale varies depending on the particular project. Contact me to discuss about this.
As a professional translator, it is my obligation to safeguard your personal information and relevant materials. I collect and process information of my clients, as well as those who contacts me for quotes and information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please refer to my Privacy Policy for detailed information.