As a participant in continuous professional development training, I vow to keep my CPD Manifesto pledges.

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CPD Badge

I believe in the highest standards of professional conduct in my translation or interpreting business.

I am committed to a process of life-long learning in my chosen profession.

I comply with the generally accepted rules of professional conduct.

I plan my CPD on an annual basis and take responsibility for maintaining my learning objectives and career goals.

I keep a record of the CPD I undertake and am happy to provide details to my clients.

I think about each course, workshop, and presentation that I attend and assess its value within my CPD plan.

I reflect on the opportunities that the course, workshop or presentation in question has opened up to me.

Each year I review and reflect upon the CPD I have undertaken during the year, and build on what I have learned to plan my next learning objectives.

I incorporate the knowledge I gain from my CPD activities into my work and ensure that my clients benefit from my enhanced expertise.

I strive to enhance my own standards through consistent CPD.

I believe that my commitment to CPD is beneficial to my clients because they know that I am a committed professional who is constantly maintaining and enhancing expertise.